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Hello-Hello [19 Oct 2006|10:25am]

Just a quick intro...

My name is Randy and while I've lived in North Miami Beach pretty much all my life, I've been living in California (San Diego/Los Angeles) for about 1.5 yrs working in animation/illustration (last few jobs were in gaming). I've actually been back in Miami since February '06 to get treated for Cancer. I'm doing MUCH better now than I was months ago, so I guess I'm looking forward to going out and doing more stuff in Miami and meeting new people. So yeah... :)
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New southeast Florida community [21 Oct 2005|12:48am]

Check it out if:
- You think there's nothing to do in South Florida (including Miami)
- You're tired of movies and malls and clubs and bars every weekend
- You give a shit about culture

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[05 May 2005|06:28pm]


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[08 Apr 2005|04:46pm]


for more info on the artist or anything else, please leave your email or snailmail in a comment.
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[04 Jan 2005|06:05pm]

[ mood | interested ]

Yeahhhhhhh Miami!

Okay this is the deal. My bestfriend and I are headed to Miami in February (by ourselves!) for a week of what should be a ton of fun. We're staying at a hotel, and want to have a LOT of fun.

Basically we're not old enough to drink (and we don't really want to) but we're both 18 and we want to go to atleast 1 or 2 dance clubs.


Anything. music stores. clothes stores. beaches. clubs. restaurants. everything.

help is much appreciated! and my s/n is doubleohsarah if you want to talk to me & tell me any Miami secrets haha later. <3

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Miami [03 Jan 2005|09:37pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

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[10 Aug 2004|02:18pm]

Hi... I am new to this community and I wanted to introduce myself and ask for some suggestions.

For a short synopsis...I lived in Miami most of my life..but left as soon as I graduated hs.. been away for about 3 yrs..

My dilema is that I am here in Miami for a week on Vacation..and its my 21st birthday this Thursday. Does anyone have of any good places to go for me to celebrate? I do have some 20 yr old friends who might want to hang out..are there any cool places that allow some 18+ people? If not..then regular 21 yr old places would be great suggestions.

Thank you!
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